We offer a full range of services. We can plan, design, strategize, develop,
deploy and manage your online business.

Our History

Arthur Lucero, founder and operator of Lightbarer Web Solutions, worked 12 years for Yamaha Corporation of America, 9 years in the Web Services department. As part of the Music Marketing Group, he worked on many leading-edge projects of the time. He spearheaded many initiatives requiring multimedia by creating portals for Yamaha podcasts, videos and educational materials. The Hub™, for example, was one such project that involved organizing a vast inventory of Yamaha videos and making them available to the public through a Flash / ActionScript interface. Created several years ago, it is still in use up to this day. Over the years, The Hub™ was part of many marketing initiatives with well-known company brands. In the above picture, The Hub™ was part of a marketing initiative with the Disneyland theme park.

Our Philosophy

Lightbarer Web Solutions concentrates its energies on the web as a medium for business marketing and strategy. Rather than just build a web site(s), we seek to provide wholistic solutions and marketing strategies for doing business on the Internet.

Seeking to adjust to the changing online climate, we test and analyze our methodolgies to prove them and to see how they will work on the web. This way, we can make recommendations to our clients with confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand your business, provide strategic guidance and create a web solution that will help you to be successful online.

Our Services

  • Web Design (Graphics, Layout, Photography)
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, jQuery)
  • Web Marketing (Landing Pages, Ads, Copy)
  • Web Strategy (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web Applications (Ecommerce, Maps)
  • Email Marketing (Bulk Email Services)
  • Sub Contracting (PSD to Web Template)

Our Process

  • Understand
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Manage


We become your business partner by gaining the knowledge that is necessary to understand your company. Then, we are in a great position to assist you with your online business.


Elegant, clean, easy to understand design is not a luxury. The web is full of web sites, yours should give the visitor a reason to stay a while and learn about your products and services.


jQuery, MooTool, CSS, HTML ... you may have heard of these terms but it is not necessarily your concern. We take care of the details of using standard code that will be compatible with "the world".


Deploying a web site is not the end. It is the beginning of your online business. As an electrician uses tools to practice his trade, your web site is a tool to get more business.