Competition Werkes decided to invest in their web site during an economic downturn. They chose Lightbarer Web Solutions to lead the way.


The Competition Werkes web site was in need of an overhaul. But the economy was in a bad downturn. Would it pay off to invest in the web site? Early meetings and a preliminary investigation of the site layout and coding revealed that some fundamental elements were missing.


More meetings led to decisions that would serve as the road map for the project. Competition Werkes sells accessories to street bike owners. The potential customers visiting the site would have their bike model in mind. Our job was to provide, at a glance, all the products available for the customer's bike model. This would happen in two ways: straightforward navigation and related products. Also, a new site feature called "This fits" would provide the customer quick knowledge to let them know that the product in view is made for their bike or not. Finally, behind the scenes, detailed attention to search engine optimization would be a priority.


Within three months of launching the new site, a noticable improvement in sales was observed. Traffic on the site began to increase. Google and other search engines have indexed thousands of keywords and phrases. Three years have passed and the web site is regularly producing sales that are 800% higher than prelaunch sales.


In 2010, a dealer portal was added to provide them with a secure area to check wholesale pricing and to place orders. Also, groundwork for email marketing was put into place. Multiple mailing lists were created by bike brand. Customers immediately began signing up. In 2011, Paypal was added as a second payment option. In 2012, email marketing was kicked into a higher gear.

Services We Provided

  • Design (Layout, Navigation)
  • Development (HTML, CSS, javaScript)
  • Web Applications (Ecommerce, Portal)
  • Consulting (Web Marketing Guidance)


  • Email Marketing (List Creation, Bulk Email)
  • Technical Support (Issue Resolution)
  • Day-to-Day Management (SEO, Updates)

Web Applications

The dealer portal is a key site feature that provides secure convenience for the world-wide dealer base.


JavaScript working behind the scenes makes the user experience smoother and enables higher conversion rates.

Technical Support

The office team at Competition Werkes knows they can count on getting a quick response when issues arise.


Regular communication allows ideas to be exchanged about how to increase site effectiveness.